Angel Lartigue during training in human remains recovery, 2018

Angel Lartigue is an artistic researcher born and raised in Houston Texas. Lartigue's work explores the relationship between the body and land through the use of "putrefaction" matter as raw material. This concentration has led them to experimenting with archaeological processes of decomposition into artworks, incorporating fungi, insects, and even odors captured during fieldwork, including research training in human remains recovery at Texas’ “body farm” in 2018. Designer of 2017 label book, La ciencia avanza pero yo no is part of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s Hirsch Library rare books collection. Recommended by Italian curator, Eugenio Viola, Lartigue was accepted as honorary research fellow to artistic laboratory, SymbioticA, part of the University of Western Australia Perth for 2020. Lartigue is a participant at the international conference Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science 2020 part of the University of Applied Arts Vienna Austria.

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