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Solo exhibition at BOX13 Artspace and G Spot Gallery in Houston TX and Presa House Gallery in San Antonio TX.

La ciencia avanza pero yo no (Science Advances But I Do Not)


Multi-media exhibition including action works, documents & photographs.

La ciencia avanza pero yo no brings together a variety of existing works examining the role of action performance, human bodily material & multi-media installation in a gallery context. The exhibition includes a variation of the Sub Scientist Booth, alongside a document binder containing photographs of previous action works and a ceramic abacus, storing some of their collected DNA substances. The Elementary scientific method worksheets translated in various languages are spread throughout the gallery for visitors to take home. The show also features Muertx printed in 3x4 inch prayer-like booklets. 

*Read non-fiction essay Science Advances, But For Who? by Reyes Ramirez

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