Home installation part of residency Casa Lucas Alamán, Mexico City. 

La desintegración de mi amor

2020 - present

Memories + the processes of putrefaction, digital print banners, pre-hispanic figurines and ceramics.

I conclude my residency at Casa Lucas Alamán with a home installation and altar dedicated to Doña Isabel through the piece 9 Strata. The installation also includes digitally printed banners of Museum of Resurrection hung on the walls throughout the house. The 3D printed map of El pasado aun esta vivo shows Tenochtitlan as a microorganism highlighting the home's current location within the parameters of the archeological site. 

La desintegración de mi amor is an on-going project that proposes a long durational performance of excavating within the grounds of the home, further touching the unearthed soil and the foundation stratum of Tenochtitlan.