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Subcutaneous injection of estrogen performed at Don Pedro Jaramillo shrine, Falfurrias TX. 

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Burial map drawing at Don Pedro Jaramillo shrine, Falfurrias TX. 

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Part of group exhibition and knowledge-building research lab, "Overlapping Territories" curated by Ashley Dehoyos, DiverseWorks, Houston TX. Documentation by Disha Khakheria and John Danielson. Digital flyers by H C - (M).

Water, Moon is a short experimental film by visual artist Angel Lartigue that focuses on the pilgrimage site of 1800s curandero, Don Pedro Jaramillo in South Texas. Presenting a ceremonial performance within the shrine and burial place of the late shaman, the film includes a soundtrack by H C – (M) and video captured by Tere Garcia.

Water, Moon is part of CENOTE, a series of micro-residencies, an artist collective, and artist network taking place in the town of Falfurrias in South Texas. Water, Moon incorporates elements from Los Olmos creek and the shores of the Gulf of Mexico such as sand, clay and seaweed, alongside a bust of Don Pedro Jaramillo created in collaboration with Nadin Nassar. The project is site-specific and channels an ancestral connection to the land and the living flora and fauna of South Texas.

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Floating Don Pedro Jaramillo / Tachypleus tridentatus hybrid, ceramic bust in collaboration with Nadin Nassar, part of Water, Moon multi-media installation, DiverseWorks Houston TX.

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I. How to explain pictures to a turtle specimen / Curandera's heartbeat

water-moon 14.png

!!. Extraction of DNA through saliva / Dark ocean

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III. Injection of Estrogen performed by my mother (collaboration with Angelica) /  Ancestral chants

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IIII. Dissection of turtle specimen / floating island

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IIIII. Curandera's cleansing (collaboration with Curandera Eva) / Temple echos 

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