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La ciencia avanza pero yo no

2015 - 2017

Digital image, & sculpture

The series encompasses digital imaging, visual text, zines and sculpture; some images become transparent visual labels used on laboratory petri dishes and some get redesigned into elementary scientific method worksheets translated in various languages and available to download as a PDF file online.

Angels, chimeras, and mythological figures dominate photoshoots à la mode, la Santa Muerte image printed on laboratory coats, La ciencia avanza pero yo no is an iconoclast mash-up between the pagan saints and bio-tech worlds of western Science. The translated phrase, Science Advances But I do Not, is taken from a Spanish 80's pop-punk song that screams,

"The modern age does not make me happy

if I were to be born again I would choose to be a chimpanzee".

Los Vegetales (1985-1990)

Laboratory Notebook & Petri dish labels

A 24 page 8.5 x 5.5 zine imitates a laboratory notebook composed of magazine spread installation shots, photoshoots, and collage imagery.

Petri dishes, a capsule medium used to cultivate and grow microorganisms, are labeled with transparent visual images and text that read,


Don't fall in love with HIS/tory HIS/cience

Brown things are queer

La ciencia avanza pero yo no


Laboratory coats

La Santa Muerte cyanotype print on laboratory coat. The coats are displayed in window installations, mimicking commercial fashion displays and visuals.

Translations by Qasem Naseh, Latifah Albokhari, Mauricio Saenz, Jason Sham, Jasmine Yohan Vajifdar, Rafael Madeiros, Jan Strobel

Elementary scientific method worksheets translated in various languages

2016 - 2017

8.5x11 PDF worksheets, DOWNLOAD HERE

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